PPJ#1 – Aviva Gomberg

For the past two weeks I’ve been working on storyboards and concept art for the dog. The storyboards were a really involved process that I would estimate I worked on for about 20 hours over the first week. I made them in separate layers and saved those layers out separately so they could be turned into an animatic. This past week I’ve devoted most of my time to concept art for the dog, which has led to a finalized design! This is great because this allowed us to move onto orthos and modeling soon!

“The Good”– I spent a ton of time on the storyboards! I’m really proud of that. The process of coming up with the dog was really fun. We devoted a meeting with Prof. Mauriello to sketching dogs and ideas. I then used our sketches  to formulate a dog that encompassed all of our visions. He is a foxy wolf dog with the texturing and spikes of a bearded dragon, and large, compassionate alien eyes. I’m proud of the final design and I’m really excited to see where it goes.

“The Bad” — At the end of week 1 I got really sick and that really messed with my productivity a lot. The storyboards were passed on to other group members to be turned into an animatic and while I knew our story 100%, I wasn’t able to practice presenting with the animatic beforehand which really jarred me during the presentation. I wanted to show the storyboards instead under the theory that if our animatic was not accurately timed there was no point in showing it, but I was overruled. I also had to go home for the jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah so my productivity is low from Sunday – Tuesday. But overall, I feel confident in the pace our group is working and I’m proud of everything we’ve accomplished so far.