Team PPJ #1 (Oct. 4)

DragonBones Productions:

Cali Chesterman, Aidan Dougher, Anna Rebman, Aviva Gomberg, Will Reardon


Tags: Concept Art, presentation, design process, meetings

Group meetings, where all members are present, are as follows:

Tuesdays from 7-10 : Focus is on faculty feedback and group crits. Tuesday is also a deadline for Sunday’s work allotment.

Thursdays from 7-10: with Professor Mauriello. These workshop days are dedicated to making sure the team is on the same page about the story, how the art looks and feels, and making sure the project is cohesive. Emphasis on critiques. Mauriello also finalizes decisions on art direction disputes.

Sundays from 11 – 2 (min) : Are crit days. We discuss ideas and give feedback to the artists to work on and iterate for Tuesdays. This is also a documentation day, making sure that all of our presentable are ready to go.

*Monday 12 – 3: Preparing materials for presentations and practicing the pitch. Only for days before the presentation.

Cumulatively we should be meeting as a group, talking, and workshopping for at least

9 hours / week. Individual work is recorded separately, but should be ready for review on group meeting days. Depending on the part of the pipeline, team members are responsible for setting up smaller meeting times.

Weeks 1-3


  • Our group has gone through many ideas and iterations of these ideas throughout Summer Term. A challenge we’ve found with animation and art-based projects is to get all team members to have the same vision and unification of the piece. Our team has put a lot of effort into communication, making sure we’re on the same page about the story and visuals. We have made sure our ideas are unified in our Thursday workshops and gallery walks.
  • As of week 3, we are wrapping up concept art for the main characters (man, dog), spaceship, and environment. We’re fixing up storyboards to match faculty feedback. The next step is orthographics.
  • We have reached all of our internal deadlines thus far.
  • Our work/school/life schedules are now solidified. We should not make the same mistakes that we did the first presentation.


  • We were a little disoriented the first week. The week prior, everyone had just finished their co-op, moved back to Philadelphia, and was trying to adjust to their new work/school/life schedules, so we were not cohesive and organized as a team. Although we had all the materials ready, we weren’t as prepared for the first faculty presentation as we should have been, Everything was thrown together and we were arguing about what should be put in and taken out to fit the 5 minutes.


  • Polishing concept art for Week 4 presentation.
  • Orthographics of man, dog, and spaceship for Week 4 presentation
  • Character modeling and rigging begins Week 4