PPJ #1 – Will Reardon

“The Good”– This week I set out to make designs and art for the man’s crashed spaceship. Our team met this past Thursday to hammer out some story concepts and to draft some various spaceship designs as a group.

Taking these designs and building from them, I created four main illustrations for the spaceship. I created two versions of a blocky, hard-edged ship and two versions of a smooth, curved ship. The blocky, geometric ships fit more naturally into my style and so I was iterating off of my own designs. For the smooth ships I worked from concepts drawn up by Cali and Anna during the meeting.

And what went well was I think the meeting Thursday was good for getting stylistically different ships on the table.

In total, I spent approximately 5 hours working on concept art. I worked on the art for 2 hours  Saturday and  3 hours Monday.

“The Bad” — I was late in making the concepts because other obligations took up more time than anticipated.