PPJ #2 – Aidan Dougher

We have been working a lot on our story the past couple of weeks, trying to narrow it down so that it was short like out first iteration but also tells a cohesive plot. Most of our time has been going towards story and less creating out characters and assets. We have concept art but we are still unsure what landscapes we will be using in our story.

I have been remaking the orthographics of the dog, my first version of the ortho’s weren’t lined up correctly. This new one is better, but I have started modeling and noticed little tweeks have to be made, so I will make those tweeks and continue on with the modeling of the dog.

Modeling the dog has proven to be a bit of a challenge also because I have been looking at a dog’s anatomy compared to a human’s anatomy and the edge flow of the dog is going to have to be much different than the human models that I have done. If I need help I can always ask a team member for help or I could ask our adviser but I haven’t really run into too much trouble yet, I’ve only just started the torso. But it will still be a fun to make the dog and I hope to have the first version of him finished in the next week or two.

Our team is dividing up a bit so that we can work on our individual tasks, which is great and I hope this leads to shorter meeting times because we have been meeting for 5+ hours some days just to get our story boards done. We also did a team bonding exercise last week when we participated in the 24 hour animation jam, and while some of the team didn’t participate in the full 24 hours and some of the team had pressing matters to attend to during that time it still helped us test our limits as a team.

Good : We have a new story, one that is all of our ideas placed into a story that we can be proud of. I started Modeling! So we are finally moving onto the production part of this project. The team meeting times might become shorter.

Bad : It took a long long time for us to get to this story, many iterations, and we were so focused on what the faculty wanted that we couldn’t see that we really didn’t need to keep the same story line that we had originally. The dog has been a bit of a challenge to model so far, but I will work it out.

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