PPJ #2 – Anna Rebman

This week we started production. Namely, I worked on the rig for the dog, getting the basic skeleton in and figuring out how exactly dogs differ from humans. (Did you know dogs don’t have real clavicles?) I finished the left side of the skeleton, which I’d just have to mirror later, but I wanted to get feedback on it first. It only took me a little over four hours. Tomorrow, I’ll be adding in controllers and doing the FK part of the rig.

The Bad: The feedback we get at our faculty presentations is 100% story related, which is also kind of a good thing. I mean, it could be way worse. The bad part is we really should be past storyboarding at this point and our team is getting really sick of redoing them. This time, we scraped our original plot and started fresh instead of trying to salvage the storyboards we already had. Our last storyboards tried to use the same ending and it just didn’t work with the new beginning. Our last version was also way too long, around 6 minutes. Yesterday we put together a new story that is much simpler and direct, and it’s about 3.5 minutes. I edited together a video version in about two hours. We are going around to faculty next week to get more feedback on it, and we’re hoping that the simpler story will be better received. I think (hope) this may be our final version regardless. It’s causing us all some stress. (Especially in addition to midterms coming up…)

The Good: Modeling and rigging has begun and our new story doesn’t require any changes on those fronts, so our schedule hasn’t had to change much from our original plan, except that we are meeting as a group more often to get this new story together so we can show it to faculty. My schedule is much lighter this term compared to my other teammates so I’m okay workload-wise for the moment. Soon I will have a gigantic paper to write and midterms to take so we’ll see how long that lasts.

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