PPJ #2 – Team

Keywords: PPJ, team


  • We’re on schedule for almost everything. The ship is in the process of being modeled and rigged, Anna and Aidan have started the dog model/rig, Aviva and I have start man model/rig. The only thing we’re a little behind on is story and making it cohesive. The relationship between our characters is important to us and we want to preserve the lighthearted spirit of it.
  • We have accommodated a lot of professor feedback into the 5th iteration of rewrites. We produced a lot of storyboards, concept art
  • We did a “storyboard shoot” and got our animation back down to 3.5 minutes.
  • I think our team was one of the best, most well-organized presentations during the pitches in Week 4. We like to set a good example for the other teams. We’re not behind on our internal deadlines, either, with the exception of storyboard revisions, which we’re pulling the trigger on this week. It’s secondary to having the characters modeled and rigged.
  • We’re meeting with professors this week to make story edits, discuss scope, and rendering. Cali also spoke with the other animation team leads to discuss rendering schedules so we don’t overlap. We’re all anticipating that the renderfarm will continue to be neglected and that there will have to be sneakernet for rendering. We need resources.
  • We participated in the 24-Hour animation jam as a team-building exercise. It was a lot of fun and we ate a lot of junk food. We placed 124/135.


  • The 24-hour animation jam was a lot of fun, but we picked a bad weekend to do it. It put us behind on school work and it pushed a lot of pitch presentation material together.
  • The faculty is having a lot of problems with our story/storyboards. We’re a little overdue on it, to accommodate feedback, but we really need to move on. After we meet with the faculty and our advisor this week, we’re pulling the trigger and solidifying the story. Even though we’re not trained in story specifically, it’s integral to our character animation and we don’t want to neglect it. 


  • Man & dog rigs and models are on schedule. We’re working on them parallel to story updates.
  • We have meetings with three different professors this week, Tuesday-Thursday. They’re going to give us crits on our new (version 5 of the man-dog story!) storyboards. We need tips on maintaining scope.
  • Our team has decided to start trickling Renderman into our pipeline for upcoming animation assignments. We are anticipating Sneakernet for rendering, with high doubts the renderfarm will be usable.