PPJ #2 – Aviva Gomberg

These past two weeks were an endless amount of redoing storyboards and making new concept art. Our team reworked the beginning of our animation to flesh it out more which required a lot of new boards. I made the line art and our team worked together to color them in. We came out with color palettes together and then I made two boards to demonstrate how they would look on our environment. I took my dog concept art and colored them digitally, finalizing them.

Our feedback during our presentation was mostly about how the new beginning of our story is now much more in depth it made the second half seem one dimensional. This was an issue because if we then fleshed out the end of our animation it was starting to look pretty lengthy and out of scope. Professor Mauriello suggested we scrap our story and approach it from another angle, so instead of working this one to death we create a new, simpler plot. Combining his suggestions and some of our own we created a NEW story that is shorter and sweeter. We are still working out the kinks and I will be creating new boards tonight based on a video storyboard we made on Saturday. But we heading in a *whole new* direction now. Into the unknown.

The Good – Lots of artwork was made, visual obstacles have been worked out. Progress on the old story. A whole new strapping young story. Over the Garden Wall has been watched. Steven Universe has been sung.

The Bad – It feels like a lot of the progress we made is now moot because we’ve started from square one with the story. It’s really stressful, we all want to be done with story, and as the storyboard artist I think I’ve been feeling the stress of this extremely harshly. It’s been a very two steps forward, five steps back kind of week story wise. Another thing that has been difficult for me is finding a balance between senior project and my other classes. I have invested a lot of energy and time into this project and it’s begun to really hurt me in other areas of my life. Send help. We did the 24 hour animation competition which for me mean 24 hour panic attack over investing 24 hours in something not school related. All is well when I choose not think about my impending doom. Suppression is key.