PPJ #3 – Will Reardon

Last week I created orthographic views of the Man’s spaceship. This week my plan was to begin modeling the ship. I wanted to create a complete, rough model.

A problem I have had with my production is time management. I am taking multiple production courses this term and I have personal obligations, like band practices, that I must give time to each week. However, I realize the importance of this project and I have been working to set time aside to work on it.

I completed a rough model of the spaceship like I had set out to do. I worked primarily on Friday and Sunday, using Maya to build the model.


As a team, we met several times through the week to go over our story again.  This was to take feedback we received into account and make necessary changes. Although we began patching our story and trying to cut down on the scope and time of the project, we eventually decided to rework the story as a whole. This took several tries and a few meetings. On Saturday, we met again to create story iterations and Anna came up with a large but simple change. The story now revolves around the man’s journey to his crashed spaceship. This greatly simplifies the story and allows for any  number of different environments and scenarios to be used without sacrificing the clarity of the story and the character’s goals. This also presents a large number of opportunities for great character animation.

So the negative of this week was definitely revisiting the story, again. The good thing here, though, is that we came out with something that hugely streamlines the plot and hopefully satisfies the faculty.

Time spent Friday: 3 hrs.

Time spent Sunday:

Total Time: