PPJ #3.5 Will Reardon

This week was focusing on the ship model again. Things went pretty smoothly this week and we tried to generally step away from story this week so that we could focus on our production.

We got together as a team twice on Thursday. Once to work, inevitably, on the story again. We made a quick beat sheet based upon Mauriello’s story idea. Then we met up with Mauriello later in the day to review our current models and the story beats.

The ship model was blocked out last week so this week I worked on the details and moving parts. I modeled doors and cleaned up the intakes of the ship on Wednesday.


I had been given a new project in my Game Production class that I was excited about so I did not put much more work into the ship until Sunday. But on Sunday I modeled and placed a windshield into the ship to complete it.


The Good: I am pretty comfortable with where I am in the project and my work timeline overall. I have also been sure to work in such a way that it would be easy for me to make adjustments throughout my models. Also, there was an awesome ska show this weekend, so that was cool.

The Bad: Our team still hasn’t finalized our story and we are running out of time to do that. We need to begin pure production of the animation soon. Although I do still think having a solid story in place is important. We will just have to find out what we come up with within the time constraints we have. Should be a jam.