PPJ #3 – Anna Rebman

This week I worked a little on the rig, worked a little on the story, went to a wedding, and took midterms. I am confident in the dog rig’s progress, but our models are falling behind and at some point I will have to stop working on the rig or risk wasting hours (rigging small fingers and toes that may not be in the right place since they are still being modeled and shaped). The rough model I have been working with is sufficient for larger placements like the torso and head, but our advisor thinks the head should be up farther so even that I will have to redo (but it’s only the main head aim and FK right now so it’s a small inconvenience).

The Bad: Models are behind, which holds back the rigging a little. The dog model needs to be re-topo’d in a lot of places so it’ll be a longer set back than we wanted but not a terrible tragedy scheduling-wise. I can’t start the facial rigging or weightpainting until the model is done-done. I still have feet and legs to finish but I’m not so sure they’re done being tweaked so I’m proceeding cautiously and slowly. No need to jump too far into it if it’s going to change. Also, the story is not yet finalized, which is a huge point of anxiety right now. More and more it’s becoming something we just don’t want to bring up with each other.

The Good: The rig works so far. Nothing is flipping and freaking out yet when I move stuff. Midterms are basically done. I had a nice break at the wedding. I feel like I am in a good place to dedicate the vast majority of my time to sproj for the coming week but I do need the model to proceed with the rigging. We are pretty sure we know what environments we are going to have even though the story isn’t locked down so I may start modeling environment objects like plants and rock formations to populate the scenes.

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