PPJ #3 Aviva Gomberg

This week I focused on modeling the man. I started by adjusting the orthos’ proportions so that the man would be a little sturdier, while maintaining the initial style created. Then I dove into modeling.

THE GOOD: He’s almost done! I worked very fast and was honestly surprised by how much I could get done in the short time span I had. I did all of the modeling over the course of about three days. The music meeting went well — we met this MIP student who really understood what we were going for, we’ve been corresponding with him about music and he just really understands the whimsy of our story.

THE BAD: He’s not actually done! I have to finish the ears, connect the hands to the body, and continue shaping him until he is the beautiful spaceman that we know he will be one day.Ears are really hard to make! I have no idea how to make them so right now he looks like he has cotton ear but one day in the near future I know his ears will look like ears. In retrospect, I really wish I learned how to do the modeling method of sculpting in Z-Brush then retopologizing in Maya, because I think the best looking characters are done that way and it’s really tough to simultaneously focus on the look of the model and the topology, and from talking to people it sounds like the Z-Brush method would work well with the way I think. I’m also still terrible at managing time, and I see now I will never change.

While I went off his orthos, some of his proportions still look a little funky so I will have to work closely with Cali to see what I can do without disrupting the rig. He also has some radical tentacle nipples now after some conversations on how to make our man a little less basic.