PPJ #3 – Cali Chesterman

In the past two weeks we’ve meet with three faculty members, that gave us three different sets of feedback. Faculty 1 wanted to see the environment become its own character to compensate for our predictable story. Faculty 2 wanted us to revisit the story from Week 2. Faculty 3 didn’t want to look at our story anymore and said we needed to be more cohesive as a team and be pushing out render tests. We’re trying to shoot for Renderman and have been trying to integrate it into our simulations class assignments. Trying. We also met up with the MIP people, and we found someone who is (and hopefully stays!) interested in our project.

The Good: We need a team building exercise, but as it relates to senior project. I was thinking a faux “24-hour” animation jam, similar to the one we did for the contest, just to hash out environment assets. Having crummy models is better than having no models, right? Also I’m  working on a dope sheet … we have a new beat sheet that should be enough for me to work with for now, and make educated guesses about what assets go where. Also I’m really happy with the MIP person we talked to – after showing off our presentation, Aidan and I recognized him from our drama class. We exchanged contact info and youtube videos of what we thought this world’s musical score would sound like. We all seem to be on the same wavelength. He shared this animation, Somewhere (2013) — https://vimeo.com/77703019 .

The Bad: I don’t want to work on story anymore. Our focus is character animation. The subtle emotional moments are what I’m looking forward to animating. I cannot produce a dope sheet and revised asset list without a finalized story, and we’ve gone through some drastic changes. I’m anxious about the alpha animatic because we’re all sick of storyboards. The only things that are 100% staying are the man, dog, and ship models. This is halting production of the environment, and I’m worried. I’m also behind on the man rig. My boss at work let me take a few hours off this week to catch up on school work. I feel like I’m constantly letting my team down, because some tasks keep getting moved up. 😦 I can’t wait to be a part-time student. To top the icing on the cake, I’m still very sick and I’ve been too stressed out to properly recuperate. This is the longest period of time I’ve ever been sick. Aviva introduced me to Mucinex … where has this been all my life? How is it week 7?

Screen cap from Somewhere (2013), the beat sheet update, and a failed attempt at a new versions of storyboards done in live action. Back to the drawing board.

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