PPJ #3 – Team

The team is a little burnt out from midterms week(s) and lingering on story, but we’re chugging through. Models are in a good spot. Our upcoming tasks for character models are retopologizing them, shaping the models, UV unwrapping them, and starting facial rigs. The character models also need to be combined to their rigs. Some of us have tried to integrate Renderman into our homework pipeline as practice for senior project. There’s a Renderman session at SIGGRAPH this week, which should be helpful.

The Good: Man, dog, and ship models are all in a good spot, especially considering we don’t have a ton of experience with quadrupeds. Both character models need feedback for better deformations and need to be retopologized in some areas. For example, dog needs a more pronounced jaw to make better facial expressions, and cleaner edge flow near the legs and butt so that there isn’t clipping or weird deformations. Both character models need to be done-done before they can be combined to the rigs – because there’ no going back for edits. It’s safer. Spaceman needs some more shaping and edge loops. There’s also a beat sheet that we’re happy with that drastically brought down the scope of our animation, limiting the number of environments and assets. We also met a music industry guy that we vibe with. After exchanging contact info and Youtube videos of what we thought the world would sound like, we all seem to be really in sync, and he seems excited to work on the project!

The Bad: No one wants to linger on story anymore because it’s hindering our pipeline. However we need it for a few reasons, such as to scope the project, create other pipeline documents, such as the beat sheet, dope sheet, and assets lists, and to compose the animatic deliverable. It’s a piece that has to stand alone without explanation. We can’t ignore it, but we all really want to. The environment has been a little neglected so we can focus on our team’s specialization – the characters.