PPJ #4 – Anna Rebman

The rig keeps getting pushed back because of changes to the dog model, but the good news is that both times I’ve had to start over on the rig, it’s only taken 8-10 hours to get to a mostly finished state. I also found a good resource for doing the IK leg of the dog. Dog legs have two bends, not one like a human. The bone structure is basically the same, but on a dog only the finger bones touch the ground. I found this video that crisscrosses three IK handles to get control of the whole leg without leaving anything to chance. We’re hoping that the fully finished model will be ready to start facial rigging this week. It’ll be a sprint when that happens because we were hoping to start facial rigging two weeks ago.

Here is the last version of the dog rig. This isn’t weightpainted at all, and the legs aren’t finished.


The Bad: The world is burning, and we are behind, but we can still make up for it over the coming breaks if we need to. I know that we shouldn’t expect to get work done over the holiday, but a few of us will be on campus anyway, so there’s a chance. We are still planning to get the rigging done by winter break, but we may need to pull an all-nighter or two. We thought we’d be done modelling everything at this point, but we haven’t really started on the environment at all. Some things are taking so much longer than we thought they would.

The Good: Mauriello thought the dog IK video I found was cool. Other groups seem to think that we are more on schedule than they are. If that’s true, I fear for them. They must not know where we were expecting to be by now.

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