PPJ#4- Aidan Dougher

This week I had a lot of revisions to make to the dog model, but now we are on the final stages of the Dog. I have to UV unwrap him and then we will rig him up in time of our final presentation.(fingers crossed) I have spent a majority of my time this week on the dog, which is good for Senior Project, and bad for my other classes. (Sorry other professors) My hopes are that is current dog is satisfactory and that we can move on to more important things, like animating.

We also heard form our music team which was awesome. We had been talking with one music person for the past couple of weeks but now we have had a team assigned to us which is amazing. The music person that we have been talking to also gave us some samples of music he made for us.

The Good:There isn’t many good things this week. We have our character models and music.

The Bad:We are behind by two weeks due to the fixes that have to be made in our models. We don’t have an environment, and we don’t have rigged character models. We need to get moving.