PPJ#4 – Will Reardon

With the ship model done I set out to UV it and create some basic textures as well as put in the small amount of rigging that goes into the ship’s moving parts.

I set out to UV the ship model on Thursday but after bringing it into headus UVLayout I realized there were some small fixes I could make to the model. I decided I should ensure that the model itself is entirely finished before setting up its UV’s. Fixing the model turned into making adjustments which took a decent amount of time. So, I did not get to headus on Thursday. I next worked on the ship on Saturday and found that ultimately, with the tweaks I made on Thursday, I should continue to model the inside of the ship. So on Saturday I spent about 3 hours modeling the interior of the ship and making it connect seamlessly to the outside of the model through the door and the cockpit.

Finally on Sunday I created full UV’s for the ship model. I spent roughly five hours in headus making sure that all parts of the ship, inside and out, were clean and clear.


The Good: This week I managed to complete the bulk of what I wanted to accomplish and I did it carefully so that I should not have to revisit it. More importantly I did it in such a way that I can easily change what I have worked on if the need arises.

The Bad: Unfortunately, I got fairly behind on what I wanted to accomplish this week, and did not have the time to animate the moving parts. Overall, my total work output for the week was only slightly diminished but I wish it could have gone more effectively. Continuing to rework the ship model dug into my time I expected to spend UV-ing and rigging  but I think that it was worth it overall. I also believe the team is losing some steam and/or pep but hey, I think that will fix itself once we finalize the models and story as that’s what is currently bringing us down.

Theme for Working: (New thing I’m puttin’ here) I feel that the song “Slowly Melting” by Nomeansno really fit for setting up UV’s for five hours.Slowly Melting