Cali PPJ #4

I worked on storyboards for a long time. I don’t like storyboards, have a sloppy drawing style, and everything doesn’t read perfectly.  Now we are officially out of time and the alpha is looming. I’ve tried to listen to everyone, but now I have to start being mean and make executive decisions. I think a huge hiccup for us is trying to figure out how we work together as individuals and as a team. I’ve learned a lot for leadership in Winter term, but everyone needs a social reset. We’re burnt out, people are frustrated, and general elective classes disregard that their class isn’t our career focus. There are a lot of sacrifices we all have to make. One of my sacrifices has been my health, which my loved ones have told me I have been negligent of. Ok. Well… I’ve been sick for over a month and it keeps evolving. Now I can’t keep food down and they think it’s a huge problem. I hope the doctor tells them they’re wrong. I’m fine. I’ve been fine. Everything’s fine. (If there’s no PPJ #5, I’m probably dead. If that’s the case, my team members can split up my belongings. The girls each can have one stress ball lab animal companion, and Will can have the apple that’s been sitting in my backpack for 3 days). On a more serious note, we’ve been collaborating with the music industry people (Jackson, from my and Aidan’s acting class ❤ ). Jackson’s sent us some samples, one of which we threw into our video for the WIP. He gets it. He gets us. Team leads from the animation teams have also started SCARF (Student Council Advocating for a Renderfarm) and have been attempting to address issues about allocation of resources, considering that the labs are taken up from 8am – 9pm and many teacher are not willing to let students work quietly in the middle of their classes. The best thing we can do is hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Sneakernet. I’m happy with how I cut the WIP video, too.

The Good – My simulations teacher really wants to see senior projects be successful. I get to tailor my final project for that class toward my senior project final, which gives me the opportunity to play with Renderman and layers, with consequences! It’s also great to have a professor care about his students, even when we disappoint him all the time. That class should help us catch up on environmental assets. There’s a video game I love called Animal Crossing New Leaf that just released an update. My DS and Animal Crossing was a casualty in the robbery, so I’m growing back my flower garden slowly. Flowers bring me happiness. So do toys,  and now I’ve got some new physical toys (Amiibos) to play with in the virtual world. Technology is so cool. And OMG Pokemon is coming out on Friday. I haven’t played a Pokemon game in 12 years.

The Bad – My health, I guess. It’s pretty bad if my mom tells me to go to the Doctor. I’m dreading that I’m actually really sick and have just been in denial this entire time. We’re also behind on schedule. And storyboards took me too long and they’re still not looking great. (LOL what is professional polish?)

TLDR; Too many storyboards, but here’s vzn 13. Music industry gets it. SCARF. Dope sheet. I’m probably actually dying. Oh, we’re still behind. Rendering! We’re working through disappointments. Can I play video games for living?