PPJ # 4 – Team

Dog, man, and ship models are wrapping up. The characters have some minor tweaks that need to be complete for better deformations and poly-flow, but other than that, they’re 98% there. Man is in the process of getting some accessories, including his essential beard and hair. It was a long and grueling process and we’re a little behind, but our goal is to get both characters modeled and rigged by Winter term and we’re determined to get there. Each member of the team is excited to work with new software – ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, and Renderman are just some of the selections we have been brushing up on and R&D with. We’ve also dished out a new set of storyboards. They’re not perfect or polished quality, but they tell the story from beginning to end. They’re good reference for when we hit the animation stage, because 3D interpretation is always slightly different. Still have a few kinks to work out, but it’s just enough to inform the dope sheet and assets list. Considering the dog and man story, this hits double digits for storyboard and story iterations. We’ve done it so many different ways, but now it’s time to lock down.

The Good – Dog, man, ship are all almost done. New iteration of storyboards are almost done. Music industry folks are passionate about our project and have sent us tracks that we all vibe with. They really, really, really get us. Renderman and other software research going good. Also, that beautiful 1-month winter break is right around the corner. (It’ll be good to have a break from each other to social reset and get everyone’s pep and enthusiasm back).  Other teams think we’re doing fine and have our ducks in a row?! HAHAHAHA who are these people?

The Bad – Why is it Week 9? Why? We’re a little behind schedule, but if we can get man and dog rigged before Winter term starts we should still be on track. We’ve also neglected the environment… so… that needs to be addressed. Our focus is character, though. We cannot lose sight that their interactions are what builds the emotion, which sells our piece. Everyone’s a little burnt out and the labs are getting busier at night as finals loom. Send help.