Aviva’s PPJ #5

This week I did some final work to the man & worked on new storyboards.

THE GOOD – Storyboards! I worked really hard and for many hours over a really short period of time (all nighters and 3-am’s). First I drew all the storyboards, using Cali’s as a guide and taking into consideration all of the changes we discusses as a team. Then I split them up for coloring between me, Aidan, and Will. I created a color palate to ensure that the boards looked consistent between the three of us. I then turned them into an animatic using After Effects and premiere. I sent them to Prof. Mauriello and showed my team for critiques and then made the discussed revisions. I then added final effects and sounds using Premiere. I probably spent about 15 hours making storyboards, 3 hours coloring, and 12 turning them into animatics. Even though we were advised not to plan to work over Thanksgiving break, I ended up working a ton over break. Hardly felt like a break at all. Joy.

I also spoke to Jay Rappaport and got Marvelous Designer installed onto my preferred computer in 206, so this week I can start working on clothing which is exciting.

I completed a concept drawing for color palate, and environment art.


THE BAD: Working over Thanksgiving break was a bummer.