Cali – PPJ #5

There’s been a lot going on these past two weeks. I was excited for the Thanksgiving break more than anything because I am woefully behind in school work and needed that grace period to catch up. This week I’ve sacrificed my other classes to do senior project stuff. I wish I was a part-time student, life would be a lot easier.

Good – Man rig is finally done. I put in double overtime to get the right arm fixed. I am so thankful it finally got fixed, because even if something gets easier after repetition, it gets more and more frustrating. I put in about 30 hours these past two weeks trying to make fixes. I’m really bad and really slow at rigging. But it’s done. For the Turkey holiday I hosted my first dinner party and cooked up my first turkey for 8 people. Not to toot my own horn, but I am an amazing cook. All the leftovers were gone the day-of, and I cooked intending to have leftovers for at least three days. *Sigh*. I really needed the extended break, even if I worked through a lot of it. Thanksgiving is a great holiday because I love cooking and got a good 8 hours of it in. I didn’t have to do laundry because I got to spend the week in PJs. That’s always a plus.  I’m looking forward to the Winter Break so I can sit home and cook my homemade soup instead of thriving off of midnight pizza, bagels, and sandwiches. Real meals are not easily portable. I’ve also designed my syllabus for an independent study class in painting, called “Narrative Painting” which I’m very excited for!

Bad – Played a lot of catch-up with the man rig. His wrist joints kept disorienting themselves over and over and over again. I hate this dang thing. I ended up having to re-string it 7 times, got it right on the 8th. Something got screwed up in the mirror skeleton, but I ended up fixing it! I am now a master of troubleshooting rigs. Rigger 4 hire. People are irritating me. The labs are crowded. I still haven’t replaced my stolen laptop or tech and I’m anxious about losing my job at the end of the year because the company MIGHT sign over the rental contract. The not knowing is what’s killing me.