PPJ #5 – Anna Rebman

The body rig is finished and Aidan finished the model and UV’d it so tonight I got to start weightpainting. When that’s done I can move on to the facial rig finally. We originally wanted to have the whole rig done to play with over Winter break. Not looking likely right now but I really want to try because I don’t want us to fall any farther behind especially with our limited resources next term. My other classes have been graciously lax this past few weeks but I still need to work on my ANIM 411 final this week too so I can start rendering it. We are still making tweaks to our story but thankfully they have been small changes and everyone seems content with the storyboards. We still adore our music industry team and are really glad that they seem to understand what we want for the music even more than we understand what we want.

The Bad- Facial rig: not started. I hate weightpainting, but it’s got to get done. Thanksgiving is a garbage holiday, and tensions are running high over a few miscommunications about the deadlines over the break and the upcoming presentation.

The Good- Body rig: done. UVing: done. Weightpainting: started. Nice electives professors not assigning extra work to make my life harder than it already is. Thanks electives professors. Also, I saw Moana; it was amazing.

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