PPJ#5 Will Reardon

Thanksgiving and Animatics

This was a week of (relative) respite from the workload of classes. I traveled home on Wednesday and spent Thanksgiving with my family. It was relaxing but still had some work to accomplish over the break.

Aviva drew the final frames for our newest storyboard and animatic. It was then up to me, Aviva, and Aidan to color in the line art. I spent time working on and off Thursday, Friday, and Saturday coloring in the frames. I worked about three hours on Thursday and four hours on Friday and Saturday. We also used a style and color sheet to work off of that was very helpful._color-guide2


The Good:

It was Thanksgiving, so that was neat-o! Plus, I still managed to get the work done.

The Bad:

Well, it was break so it took me a while to complete the coloring and I din’t get to too much other work this week.

Ironic, but not unexpected, that the Thanksgiving break is both the good and the bad of this past week.