Aidan – PPJ # 5

These past two weeks were rough, we have had a lot to do, not a lot of time to do it especially with everyone on vacation. We made a new animatic, and we had some corrections to make to it. But now, we are moving on, if the animatic isn’t going to please everyone, too bad, we are going to move on to more important things. Like modeling the environments, and animating. We have done some render tests from our final projects in Advanced Animation.

The Good: I had a day and a half to relax, and I took some awesome pictures of a sun set. Our Character Model’s are UV’d!!!! Hurray!!! The Dog is finished except for his facial rig. The Man’s Rig is done, he may need some shaping.

The Bad: Tensions are high, everyone is working to get things done, some of us are snippy with one another. We are all working hard towards our goals and we will hopefully meet them.