PPJ#5- Team

Overall. We could have done better this term. We did a lot of silly things that pushed our Gantt back more and more. The 24-Hour animation contest pushed out production away for 24-hours. The storyboards slowed our production on models. The man rig was a slow, buggy, process and we were constantly worried about model deformation. We can feel our vision, see our vision, and hear our vision, it’s just been difficult translating it into a 3rd dimension. Stay tuned.

The Good –  Both characters have finally been finalized in model, rig, and UVs. They only have weight painting and facial rigging left. These should have been done before the end of the term, but we did what we could with the resources we had. The storyboards are beautiful and polished, and very much encapsulates the mood of our piece. They were accompanied by a style guide. Everyone was looking forward to the Thanksgiving Break. Now we’re looking toward the Winter Break.

The Bad – No one wanted to work over Thanksgiving Break, but we’re playing catch-up and have no choice if we want to stay on schedule. Our behind-ness is making us snippy at each other. Deadlines are not fun. We’re anxious about losing labs and resources. All of us get burnt out and irritated at night, but it’s the only time the labs are open. Computers and having the ability to sit down and work uninterrupted, with proper processing power, is a huge concern next term. Some classes these past two weeks have been gracious with a light courseload, others have not. Other classes are taxing on us as we creep into Finals this week (HEADS UP: Group projects with people from other departments and commuters is the worst. Nothing works with anyone’s schedule, ever.)