Cali Makes Belts and Paints Weights

Got a lot of the weight painting done in the face and body. I need the beard to move on with further weight painting around the mouth so that the beard moves with the facial expressions. Next step is facial SDKs, which I’m anticipating to go smoothly, considering I have a good grasp on the face’s weight-painting. For the most part, face rigging is done.


The lower body needs some more work, the legs have picked up weights in the torso and fingers, which screwed it up. The way weights lock is weird. Also, mirroring weights seems to rarely work. Whatever. *sigh*

I made a belt-harness. Need to UV unwrap it (or maybe I’ll just throw into Mudbox).

– Face SDKs
– Body re-weight
– Emotion test: face
– Attach beard + rig + weight
– attach harness
– UV unwrap harness.
– Go home for Xmas (gross)



Aidan Does Man’s hair

So I experimented with Z brush and XGen today, my attempts proved to be fruitless though, can’t get the clumps to work for me. Even if I do get the X gen hair to cooperate, I might not be able to get it to work in our pipeline because of it’s stupid-ness and not being able to reference it in and stuff. The good news is that I was able to give him polygon hair in a sense, although his beard defiantly needs work. I made a small turntable with Aviva’s man Model with all of his dumb tube hair in Z brush so everyone can see the beard and hair in their full glory.It will be published to our YouTube channel since I can’t post it here (Man Hair Video). The worst part about today was I forgot to set a timer for earlier today when I started messing around with displacement maps for the dog and then I didn’t even save those versions. Today was a learning experience.

Cali does facial rigging

Made some tweaks to the body rig so they’re more intuitive to use for the animators. Includes changing colors of controllers and locking channels that aren’t supposed to be touched. We should make “READ_ME” for both characters so people know how they move.

Facial rig is overdue, but getting the joints, normal, geo, parent, and point constraints in. The left eye and weight painting are the next steps. Aidan is working on R&D for hair (xgen, sims, polys?). I’ve made a few mistakes so far (parent groups are the worst), but have fixed them up very quickly. Overall I feel a lot, lot, lot stronger in rigging. I’m getting very good at troubleshooting technical problems between the rigs and the renderers. She also taught me Mudbox so I can play with textures – I have some base textures in for the man, but the rig is more important right now.

This month-long break is a blessing, I feel like I can focus on getting work done.

Bosch’s “Garden of Earthly Delights” has been on my mind and I have been listening to this charming British man’s voice tell me everything going on in the painting.


Anna Does Facial Rigging

Our boy’s controllers make him look like he is poisonous. These are all floating joints. The eyelids also have geometry and normal constraints. There is still more weight painting to be done, and he needs a GUI for the SDKs. Aidan is working on modeling a longer tongue that goes back into his mouth further. When that’s done, I’ll be rigging that too.