Aidan Does Man’s hair

So I experimented with Z brush and XGen today, my attempts proved to be fruitless though, can’t get the clumps to work for me. Even if I do get the X gen hair to cooperate, I might not be able to get it to work in our pipeline because of it’s stupid-ness and not being able to reference it in and stuff. The good news is that I was able to give him polygon hair in a sense, although his beard defiantly needs work. I made a small turntable with Aviva’s man Model with all of his dumb tube hair in Z brush so everyone can see the beard and hair in their full glory.It will be published to our YouTube channel since I can’t post it here (Man Hair Video). The worst part about today was I forgot to set a timer for earlier today when I started messing around with displacement maps for the dog and then I didn’t even save those versions. Today was a learning experience.