Cali Makes Belts and Paints Weights

Got a lot of the weight painting done in the face and body. I need the beard to move on with further weight painting around the mouth so that the beard moves with the facial expressions. Next step is facial SDKs, which I’m anticipating to go smoothly, considering I have a good grasp on the face’s weight-painting. For the most part, face rigging is done.


The lower body needs some more work, the legs have picked up weights in the torso and fingers, which screwed it up. The way weights lock is weird. Also, mirroring weights seems to rarely work. Whatever. *sigh*

I made a belt-harness. Need to UV unwrap it (or maybe I’ll just throw into Mudbox).

– Face SDKs
– Body re-weight
– Emotion test: face
– Attach beard + rig + weight
– attach harness
– UV unwrap harness.
– Go home for Xmas (gross)