Aidan – PPJ #6

Over break a I worked on making XGen Hair work on the man, but I failed miserably, so now we have poly hair for the man. Well, we will, once I pull up the old file of the man with hair and separate the hair from his face so we can rig it up. I did a lot of blend shapes for our dog’s face. Our rig isn’t quite done yet, but we are almost there. Just a few more adjustments and it should be done by next week. The dog’s blend shapes are slowing creating an army and it’s kinda funny.

Over break I saw my friends from high school and we watched Doctor Strange (Which looked great but the plot was unsatisfying)  and we hung out on new years and it was fun. I also hung out with my own dog, Chipper, who is a very bad dog, but he is also the cutest dog ever. I tried to take reference of him but my phone was full of who knows what, so I couldn’t take any pictures or video of him, but he’s still a cutie.

Over the next week I hope to finish up all my dog blend shapes, teach the other’s on my team who don’t know how to work blend shapes how they work, and to finish the man’s hair.

The Good: We have characters, we have a story, we have character models and semi-finished rigs. Yay us!

The Bad: We are so behind, and even though some of us worked over break we are still behind, hopefully we can pull together and get everything done.