Aviva Gomberg 1/9/17

Hello! Good to be back! My winter break was very good, I did about equal amounts of absolutely nothing and random things. I started out my break going to Seattle with my mom for my great Aunt’s 100th birthday party. At the party I also met a lot of family that I didn’t know I had. Culture shock isn’t the right word for how it felt it, more like a shock that I was related to all these people I am so different from. Everyone kept telling me how much I had grown since I was 3. Anyways, Seattle is a cool city. We visited the Chihuly glass gardens which were absolutely incredible and very inspiration for our senior project, it got me thinking a lot about potential alien foliage designs (pictures below).

From Seattle we went to San Fransisco to visit my grandfather and Mom’s side of the family which was very nice. My mother insisted we take a selfie together.


I watched a ton of TV and did a lot of experimental cooking. I made Spanicopita (Greek cheesy spinach phyllo dough type dish) for the first time and that was very fun and delicious.


I went to DC to visit Zack Thomas, Class of 2016 where he was visiting from LA. We mostly binge-watched the Amazon prime show catastrophe, which I would definitely recommend. But we also went to some Museum’s and restaurants and what have you. But mostly we stayed in drinking hot chocolate.

I saw many movies in theatres and enjoyed all of them except Manchester By the Sea. Would not recommend. Repressed and depressed white man Oscar-bate.

The last weekend of the break i went to Brooklyn to visit a friend where we spent most of the time hanging out in her apartment with a very good view of the snow.


Now, after taking a well needed break from school and senior project (If you recall every one of my PPjs last term mentioning the decomposing state of my mental health) I am back and ready to go! YAY

THE BAD: I guess not working on senior project over grade? But I had never counted on doing so, so I’m alright with this.