PPJ #6 – Will Reardon

I just returned from break two days ago and I feel refreshed and ready for the new term to begin. I am a little sad that my days of doing (more or less) nothing are over, but I’m also excited to get back into the project.

I didn’t accomplish, or attempt to accomplish, much over break. I really went into it with the intention to take advantage of all the free time I had to relax and take a break from our animation. Although I did do some light work based around sketching, painting, and animating dogs as practice for the animation work to come.

Here’s a quick quadruped walk cycle I made near the beginning of winter break:


I sketched and painted dogs over break mainly because I was inspired by my sister’s dog, Tilly, who was staying with my family over the holidays.


I did a lot of sketching, guitar-ing, and gaming over break and I feel ready to take on Winter Term.