PPJ#6 – Anna Rebman

Winter break was okay. I pet a dog. Her name was Mickey and she’s the sweetest.

I stayed an extra week over break to try and get as much of our dog’s facial rig done as possible. I was able to get everything in there but there were some weight painting issues that I didn’t get to finish up before I had to leave. Aidan has been working hard on blend shapes since she was here all break and we’ve discussed replacing the joint eyelid rig I did with blend shapes since weight painting the eyelids has been so frustrating and time consuming and there is a bug with the eyelid rig when the head rotates. The majority of the mouth movement will be controlled by blend shapes with helper joints.

The Bad: We’re still a little behind, but we’re committed to finishing the rigs by week 2 at the latest.

The Good: We were able to gain some time back by working over break. Aidan finished most of the blend shapes so I just need to fix the weight painting and rip out the eye rig and then we’ll plug the blend shapes in. Then we animate!

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