Spring PPJ #4 – Cali Chesterman

This sprint has been frustrating, trying to juggle a lot at once. Anna found a bug in the man’s eye that I spent hours trying to fix, but ultimately she ended up fixing herself. I’ve still been fighting with my scene to render, unsuccessfully. This resulted in me having to re-import all of my environment assets as imports instead of references.This solved the problems almost immediately, and my renders are working again, but not in time for this Week 4 presentation. The renderfarm has been down and buggy for a week, and Ian and I have been sending IT a ton of tickets. Did you know they have a Slack channel? I HAVE re-animated every one of my scenes, though, which is a huge stride in progress. It’s timed more emotionally, and I hope it’s reading well. The emotions in my scenes jump from angry and energetic, to guiltier and more drawn out. I think I pulled off both emotions successfully.

The Good – I have made a lot of good progress on my animation. I’m proud of my abilities to convey strong emotions. I wish I didn’t’ have to worry about all this other stuff. I want to help my teammates on their animations, but don’t want to overstep. I mean, my animation isn’t perfect, but it’s in a good enough spot that I can help people bring theirs up so we can RENDER.

The Bad – The renderfarm. Constantly worried about my team members, who still have a lot of work to do on their animations. The environment has been a pain in the butt and I hope I can fix it in time. I am ready to send my scenes to the renderfarm and not look at them again. We’re also competing with resources the other two teams who collectively have more than 3.5TB, or 65% of server space in conjunction with past projects which we’re not allowed to offload. Resources are competitive, and will be from here on. I don’t want to even think about underclassmen right now (update: I saw one the other day, who said she was afraid to approach seniors because they’re always locked up in this lab. I wish we could make a more welcoming environment for underclassmen anywhere but SIGGRAPH. Sigh.)  

Project Management ~ It is my job to dish out the numbers and play out the worst case scenario. If DragonBones had no render farm and had to render everything from one computer, at the max amount of time it takes to render one frame, it would take 68 days to render. We have 43 days until our project is day. Worst case scenario, with most efficient render time on one computer is 21 days. We have that kinda time, and with that being the worst case scenario, we have a lot of buffer with the farm and having multiple computers available to us.