PPJ #7 – Anna Rebman

This week I was mostly forbidden from touching the dog rig except for some minor fixes at the beginning of the week that I finished up before Aidan took over to plug in all the blendshapes she’s been making. Since then, I’ve been mainly working on the website to get it ready for the public. Today we did a photoshoot for our team page which will be published as soon as the head shots and bios are plugged in. We’re all taking stabs at animating with the rigs (as they are) to get used to the rig and do one last sweep for issues. As we finish up our rigging jobs, we are all individually moving on to creating environment assets like plants and rocks that we can use to populate our scenes later.

This is the poster I got.

On the more personal side of things, I saw Kubo and the Two Strings for the first time and showed two of my most favorite movies, Megamind and Wreck-It Ralph, to my roommates for their first time, and then today we all saw Hidden Figures together. There was a convention/event thing for lady students in STEM fields going on when we got there. We told them we were Drexel students and they assumed we were all engineers and took our photo. We all got posters out of it but none of us are engineers and for the record, we never claimed to be so if our photo ends up somewhere with the caption “Women engineers for the future!” or something, it’s not my fault. It was an excellent movie though. I definitely recommend it.

The Bad: Aidan has been running into some unforeseen issues with new Maya (2016) that were never a problem the last time she was doing blendshapes so, worst case scenario, I have to dive back into rigging to complete the rig sans blendshapes and setting us back a little bit more, but if everyone references in the rig when we start animating like they’re supposed to, then we can make tweaks to the rig while animating at the same time. We don’t want to do that, but that’s the worst case scenario. It would really suck to not have any blendshapes.

The Good: I got a little break this week and got to hang out with my roommates for once. I’m sure this won’t last.