PPJ#7 Aidan Dougher

So this week I made a man beard and I attempted to get the Dog’s corrective blend shapes to work. But I am having slight difficulties making the Blend shapes work correctly. I can apply the blend shapes, but I cannot make them work in parallel with the Dog rig, which is a major issue.  The blend shapes keep creating a double transform. Then on top of that, my Maya file (which I could have sworn I saved) was no where to be found on my desktop after I had already quit out of Maya. Sucks to suck I guess. I fixed that last part up today though which is better, but I still didn’t have a solution to my issue of the double transforms.

I’ve had a pretty terrible week but hey, it can only get worse from here.

The Good : I made some hair for the Man, Yay! I am implementing Blend shapes for the Dog, Yay!

The Bad : We are behind and we don’t seem to be catching up anytime soon. The Blend shapes aren’t working perfectly yet. We need to start animating and we haven’t yet.