Cali Fixes Admin Work

Trying to get our project a little more organized and get back on the ball. Cleaned up a lot of files, which we’ve just been dumping…

Also made a Rig guide for my teammates, so they can do tests and play with the rigs, to check for bugs and so on. I still need to implement the clothing and add a few joints to the hair so he’s no all starchy. Secondary motion is helpful and looks nice.

I want to be done with rigs by Tuesday next week. Painting and all. Hopefully everyone gives me a good bug report.

Next up is fixing Gantt chart. I’ve glanced over it and a lot of tasks are outdated or don’t exist anymore. It should help my team keep on track. 🙂

– Gantt (org)
– Rig + Paint hair
– Add man clothes (paint/UV?)
– Pipeline Docs & Dope Sheet
– Finalize 2D animatic , allocate shots.