Aviva Gomberg: Week 3 PPJ

This week was good. I finished stitching together the clothing and adding final details in modo and made shoes, then sent them off to Cali. As a team we all did some test animations to practice with the rigs and I made a five second animation of the man and three second animation of the dog.

We met as a team friday afternoon to discuss the environment/layout of our animation and how we would divide of work. For most of our time coming up with this story I have been most invested in the overall look of our animation. I had been collecting references for a while and cataloging them on a team Pinterest ( https://www.pinterest.com/dragonbonesprod/ ), and I dedicated my Advanced Animations final to experimenting with the aesthetics. During our meeting on Thursday I brought this all up to the team and asked if I could take on a role of Art Director. They said yes, with the clause that this only means i will be directing, and not to be controlling (as I tend to get). Small victories but happy I got my thought out there. Anyways, in preparation for our Friday environment meeting I made lists of how to organize and go about splitting up the work for environment, and what we needed to go over. We brainstormed a bunch of plant varieties and I compiled them into a little graph so we can easily say who is working on which plants, and what has been done already. During that meeting we also sent a ranking of scenes to Prof. Mauriello and he sent back our scene assignments and told us we were all in charge of thumbnailing our own scenes. I have yet to do that, but will be doing that before class tomorrow.

THE GOOD: Everything I said above was positive.

THE BAD: Very worried about our timeline. Worried that it is week three and we have yet to start animating. Frustrated that we have yet again reworked our story. Even though I can understand that it was for the better, it is frustrating. I feel like our team is losing speed and that makes me nervous. I can tell we are all drained from reworking the story and we are all antsy to move on to animating, I know I am. It is virtually impossible to rework the story and animate at the same time. It’s stressful. I haven’t started any plants yet, and I had thrown the idea out that we could give the man goggles to wear on his head to hide his slightly awkward hairline, but I haven’t done that yet, and I had a good window of time to do that this week while I didn’t have much work.