PPJ #8 – Anna Rebman

This week we did a lot of work testing the rigs and dividing work for the environment. I created and UV’d three plants, with two more in the works.

I also did some animation tests with the rigs to get used to them and to figure out what needs more work and what needs to be explained so that we’re all familiar with the different capabilities of the rig and know where to find all the attributes and SDKs. On that note, I did do a quick demo for the dog rig to help people find the IK foot controls and learn to control the legs and toes. We’ll being doing more animation tests this week now that everyone has a better understanding of the rigs and we’re all going to try to focus more on using the tail to express emotion since nobody really did that last week.


We have also divided up the scenes for animation. I got what we’ve been referring to as the “Starry Night” scene. I’ll be thumbnailing this scene in the next few days. The thumbnailing is mostly to show the emotion in each shot. Our story will remain mostly the same, and we aren’t adding any scenes. We’re just figuring our framing and emotion.

The Bad: Our adviser believes that we are fine with time and continues to assure us of this to prevent us from rushing ahead without getting the story where we want it. We trust his judgement, but it’s hard to ignore how different our schedule has turned out from where we originally planned. I think maybe we had been overestimating how much time it will take to animate. I don’t think I’ll be able to relax until we have our first rough cut though. Right now I feel like we have nothing to show for the effort we’ve put in so far. It’s not like a rig demo and turntable will be acceptable at the senior show, but we do have time left to do what we need to do and our animation is much shorter than it started out being so I do think our work on the story has been worth it. I’m just anxious we don’t have more than an animatic to show our story.

The Good: We are moving past the rigs now and preparing to jump into reference footage and blocking in our assigned scenes. The environment is coming together and we’ve planned out the texturing. Animation will begin probably next week assuming thumbnailing goes well for everyone.