PPJ #8 – Cali Chesterman

The Good – Did 20+ hours of work this week to make up lack of last week. Man has clothes attached. Unwrapped all the clothing so it’s easy to texture (boots, pants, shirt, belt, belt buckle) Did some weight painting so the skin doesn’t show from underneath. Still a little wonky, but everything is attached. We’ve decided to remove his underlying chest, leg, and arm geo to eliminate clipping. This may or may not cause problems with the history, but no trouble so far. Fixing rig bug reports from teammates. Did some admin work, organized our team folders, and made a rig guide. We held a rigging demo crash course to make sure everyone knew how to work the rigs. Everyone did ROM playtests this week and we assigned major scenes. Got in contact with the Music Industry people, they’re still excited to work with us. Made some plants for the environment and held a meeting about the environment.

The team is working on rough animations and re-drawing boards this week, based on the scene we were assigned, per our advisers request. He’s confident we can getit done, but we’re anxious about deadlines and how dramatically our Gantt timeline has shifted.

The Bad- Everything’s fine. Catching up. 


Below are plants that I modeled and UV’d, the man rig guide, and file organization.