PPJ #8 – Will Reardon

This past week was primarily about testing our character rigs and finalizing scene details.

In preparation for our meeting with our adviser on Thursday, each member of the team created small animations using the dog and man characters. This was to familiarize everyone with the rigs and to suss out possible problems with them. It also allowed for any confusion about the rigs and how they function to be cleared up before production begins in earnest. I created a small walk cycle for both characters. I chose to animate walk cycles because it is a good, general animation practice and I felt it would help me become comfortable with the characters.

At our meeting this past Thursday, we looked over everyone’s animations and reviewed the character rigs in detail to ensure everyone is on  the same page. We then talked about our scenes and how they need to be more precisely defined. For next week we will fully render each beat through small story boards. This way, when we begin animating in 3D, we will simply be following an exact, shot-by-shot script.