PPJ#8 – Aidan

This week I focused a lot on trying to implement the Blend Shapes for the dog correctly. I have successfully implemented all of the facial shapes for the Dog, however, there is one shape that isn’t cooperating with me. The dog needs a corrective blend shape for when he sits, and I have been able to implement the shape in different versions of the dog with varying degrees of success, but  it seems that I will have to go back and reshape out the Dog’s sitting position before I am able to place it into the rig.

This week my team and I also did test animations with our rigs, I had the Dog Walk up a small hill. I am working on a Man animation for this week and then next week we are moving on to animating out stories. Each member of our group has been assigned a shot from our animation to animate. We each will be drawing out (storyboarding) our scenes this week for our adviser. I have the Scene with the Danger Flower, which I will also be modeling and animating within the next couple of weeks. Our Team has a lot to do, but we are just getting started.

We also divided up some environment art for the background so that will be fun to model in the coming weeks.

The Good: Animations are Fun, Modeling environment art is Fun.

The Bad: Time is our enemy, we have a lot of deadlines to meet in the coming weeks and I hope we are up to the task.

The Pictures are Snapshots from my Dog animation, my Man animation and there is one Shot of the Dog’s Blendshape Face.