Aviva Week 4 PPJ

This week I did a couple of things. I did another animation of the dog, this time a walk to practice animating the dog in a simple way. Prof. Mauriello assigned each of us which scenes we would be animating and I thumbnailed my shots. After our team meeting and review, I updated my thumbnails with the changes we discussed. I created topical guided of the layouts for the scenes in Photoshop which I then put in Maya as guided to help me model the environment. I have been created rocks and plants and placing them in the scenes accordingly, though right now I am more concerned with just mapping out the larger areas for now. I also made a lot of sketches for the logo and the poster. I am currently working on digitizing my logo sketches and creating more variations on the ones we liked as a team.

The good: all of the above

The bad: I feel like I haven’t done as much as I could have. It was a slow week.