PPJ #9 Aidan Dougher

This week was strange for me, I was sick for most of it, so I still tried to get work done, but not as much work as was needed. Which sucks, but nothing I could really do about it. This past week I modeled some environment assets to populate our animation’s environment, I also worked on texturing a few of them. I also worked on  modeling and rigging our Danger Flower for the scene that I’m animating. It still has a bit of work to be done to it, but it can open and close it’s petals, so hurrah! (and it spits things right now…)danger-flower

So while I have worked on the environment assets I also did two test animations for the man and the dog and found that when the man and the dog turned around that their legs broke, so that was fun, they are currently being fixed by our riggers. After that I will be working on fixing up my blends for the dog.

I also made thumbnails for the Danger Flower scene, but since I was very sick they don’t look so great, but you can still gather the main idea from them.


We had a few meetings these past couple of weeks to get the name for the animation down, since we need that by 1/31/17, and that is tomorrow. We also had to discuss poster for the display in urbn in March, if we actually do get the month of March. Also I find it very pleasing to listen to Bossa Nova/Jazz music while doing thumbnails. I would suggest other people fins uplifting Jazz music to do their thumbnails to.

The Good: WE DECIDED ON A NAME FOR THE ANIMATION! We are animating, we have environment assets.

The Bad: We have so much to do. We haven’t figured out our full render pipeline yet. We have to start texturing things. I work part-time and this week my schedule has me working nights when I would rather be in the labs. I wish I had Hermione’s  time turner from Harry Potter, that way I could get enough sleep and be able to go to class and do all my work and still be able to go to work. I can feel week five creeping up on us, and that is not a pleasant feeling. That mean’s the term is half over, and I’m not ready for that yet.