PPJ #9 – Anna Rebman

This week we focused on environment and story so we can shoot reference video on Wednesday and immediately move into the pop-thru. The video above is my thumbnailing for the starry night scene, the scene I’ll be animating. I also worked on my last two flowers and the crystals for the environment.

We are testing out subsurface scattering for our plants so I’ve been doing render tests for that as well. These are all Renderman RIS textures because that’s what we are rendering in.

We have continued to do animation tests and troubleshoot the rigs. There was an issue where the hips were flipping around on both rigs so we have to reorganize the hip joints slightly. The dog elbows are a little wiggly possibly because of the shortness of his upper arms.


The Good: There is a possibility that we may have a rough pop thru for the midterm presentation but nobody wants to promise anything at this point. People are getting better at animating with the rigs. I feel like our six second animation practices are really showing their worth each week.

The Bad: Facial rigs are still buggy. We’re worried about needing to have a fully rendered garbage version of our animation for the end of this term. I think we could either render it or animate it to near completion but I don’t think we can do both so the rendered scene or scenes are going to look like crap next to the nicely animated playblasted scenes especially with our rendering resources being so limited and the other underclassmen who will inevitably be rendering their own final projects. We’ll see.