PPJ #9 – Cali Chesterman

This cycle has been going a lot better. We focused on getting the environment assets together, doing animation tests, and finding bugs for last minute tweaks to rigs. We found a bug in the shoulders and hips, where they make a 180 flip and are working on a fix for it.

Everyone is much more on top of their work and taking ownership of their scenes. Being assigned scenes helped people feel more invested. Everyone should be involved in every part of the pipeline, so we’re all working on similar tasks at the same time – everyone has made 3 environment assets, is working on animation tests, re-doing thumbnails, and block-in.

The Good – We have finally agreed on a title for the animation. It is called “Alone?”. Animation tests are coming along smoothly. Environment assets are getting thrown in. It feels like a lot of progress is being made now that we’re animating and everyone has ownership over a scene.

The Bad – Resources, still. The underclassmen are trickling into the labs because the others are at max capacity. Some computers are already on hold for rendering. It’s only Week 4/10. The fun has only just started. I wish I could go back into Fall term and do a few things differently, in regards to the project timeline and making an “alpha”. Iterating the story is integral to character animation, but we focused too much on polish, which was disingenuous to the flow of our story. I’m learning a lot about managing a 9-month project.

Here are thumbnails from my scene “Go Away!”: