PPJ #9 – Team

The Good –
The team has also been working on both team logos and project logos. Our animation is titled “Alone?”. More art to come!

Environment is coming along nicely! Aviva made a map and is laying out the plant and crystal assets everyone made. People have been playing with subsurface scattering. 

Everyone has been doing weekly 6-second animations to get comfortable with the rigs. We’re still fixing some bugs, like a strange 180 flip in the hips and the shoulders, as well as an issue with connecting blendshapes to the characters, but we’re working diligently to fix them.

Everyone has also taken a director role for their individual scene, assigned by our advisor based on our animation tests. This includes drawing out a new set of thumbnails to match each director’s vision and shooting reference footage for the next cycle.

Anna has been working hard on the website, giving it a lot of professional polish. We now have a Press Kit Page!

The Bad – The labs are starting to fill up with underclassmen and machines reserved for rendering. The labs are likely not to upgrade to Renderman 21 until Spring term, interrupting the pipeline and making it more difficult to reach a fully rendered product by the end of Winter term. Resources, as always, are a major concern. We have to be adaptable and work with what we’ve got.