PPJ #10 Aidan Dougher

This week was a bit stressful, wasn’t able to get as much done as I wanted, thought that the goals for the group were outlined among everyone, found out that everyone had very different expectations to what I thought was needed for Tuesday.I redid thumbnails and did my my popthru, while also redoing my Danger Flower’s stem and blendshape. You can see the flower in it’s full glory in my pop thru which is posted in our Dragon Bones Youtube Channel. Well not in it’s full glory, since it is a stepped preview. But, semi glory all the same. This week I also did another animation test for our adviser, and shot some reference for our final animatic, I messed up a bit so I may have to redo some of my reference. I had a lot of fun animating this week with some of my highlights being Sass man, sneaky dog, and jumping dog.

Watch my Youtube video

The Good: Animating is fun. Modeling flowers are fun. Breaking rigs are fun.

The Bad: Stress is not fun and feeling as though everyone has different expectations for our deadlines isn’t good. Our Teamwork page is up to date, but I’m being assigned tasks by one person there, and then when I meet with someone else or the whole group the expectations are different. I would like everything to be more clearly outlined with everyone and not be confused when I think these things need to be done by this time and then suddenly the time comes and the group agrees that it doesn’t need to be done at that time. I also need to redo the blendshapes on the dog again which not good.