PPJ #10 – Anna Rebman

This week has been crazy. I have two midterms on Tuesday and another next week. There’s so much to do. I dedicated 100% of this weekend to the project.

I added a Press page to our site, fixed the dog rig’s weight painting around the thighs and hips so it doesn’t candy-wrapper when he sits, shot reference footage for my scene, and then animated the complete pop-thru for my scene.


The Bad: I’ve had no time for studying and running errands this week. I rushed to get this to show for the presentation because this is the last presentation with the faculty before the end of the term and I don’t want them to think we have nothing done. We are confident in our production schedule and our adviser is too, but that doesn’t mean that the faculty are going to feel the same way. This pop-thru took me about 10 hours. We still have half a term left to clean up the animation. I’m not worried about getting it done; I’m worried about proving to everyone else that we are actually on schedule.

The Good: I’m confident that I can finish animating my scene by the end of the term. We’ll get Renderman 21 next week and then we can lock in textures and render tests. We’ve textured our environment assets in Renderman 20, so some things might need reworking when the renderer is updated. It should result in quicker render times if installation and implementation goes correctly.