PPJ #10 – Cali Chesterman

This week has been very stressful. I have all three of my midterms this Tuesday and am doing a talk about my experience in China. I am very scatterbrained, but working through it.

The Good: I fixed the shoulder, hips, and knee pops in the man. I’m still working on blendshapes. We are confident about our pipeline, but we’re anxious about being able to prove it to the faculty, because we have little to show. Aidan and Anna have been showing a lot of initiative to get work done early and I appreciate it a lot. A graduate gave me her spreadsheet about film festivals, which I am reviewing to see what would be applicable to us. Our thumbnails look nicer. I made a logo. Reached out out the music people, who are still very enthusiastic top work with us. I showed off our Work-In-Progress stuff to the Philly Dev Night crowd, who are excited for where this project is going.

The Bad: Waiting on Renderman 21 in the labs. I wish this was done earlier in the term, because we are not the only team it affects. The labs are getting crazy with underclassmen, midterms, senior project, and classes. Even as I’m writing my PPJ, the other senior project teams are frazzled and trying to render. Rendering is not our priority. No computers are available anywhere. Gross.

Below are thumbnails, knee fixes, and the project logo.