PPJ #10 – Team

Midterms has the team a little burnt out (some of us have 3 in the same day), but we’re working hard through it! The team has made great strides in character animations and we’re working toward block-ins. Thumbnails have been finalized. The environment art is chugging along. Renderman 21 is being installed in the labs this week, so we’re holding off on textures until the next sprint. We’ve been looking into film festivals and showing off our work in progress to outside audiences. Just looking to things to keep us excited about finishing our project.

The Good – We are back on target. The environment is coming along smoothly. The team is satisfied with the story progress. We’ve had a difficult time appeasing everyone, but we’ve decided our advisor is the most important person to make happy.

The Bad – We’re worried if we don’t show the faculty some animation progress, they won’t believe that we can prove our pipeline or project. The team is working hard on block-ins, each successive week making the animation smoother and smoother. The characters still need work on facial blendshapes, but other than that we are ready to tackle anything that’s thrown at us.