PPJ #10 – Will Reardon

More animation, more modeling, more painting. The last week I set out to finish my plant models, create matte paintings for our sky, block in my scene in Maya, and create another test animation.

All went according to plan, more or less. I finished my plant models and also created the majority this week’s animation test on Wednesday. This set a good pace of work for the week. Unfortunately, I lost my head start when I did almost nothing the following day. However, on Friday I was working again and created some matte paintings of our sky.


On Saturday, I worked on my projects for other classes and didn’t accomplish much for the project. I got back to work on the project and compiled my thumbnails into an animatic.

I haven’t completed blocking in my scene yet but I should have it done by Wednesday. All in all I think our team is in a good stage of production.